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That's A Wrap! - 6/9/20

On Tuesday June 9th, Phoenixville Borough Council unanimously a resolution temporarily permitting restaurants and retail stores to use the sidewalks and portions of Bridge Street. The resolution will allow the closure of the 100 and 200 blocks of Bridge Street to vehicular traffic, as well as the Main and Bridge Street Parking Lot.

Mayor Peter Urscheler applauded Borough Council for their hard work in taking this on. He reiterated that this will be designed for restaurants and retailers to expand their square footage in an attempt to make up for the capacity that they normally would have had inside.

The Solicitor gave words of confidence, stating that the what the borough has been planning is much more expansive and they have given it great thought.

With the resolution being unanimously passed you can expect to see restaurants and shops to be on full display this weekend!

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