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Phoenixville Bed Race Event

People gathered over 4 days to celebrate the gems, parks, and recreation of Phoenixville.

Saturday kicked off the day with bed races, a new addition to the festival, and one that seems to have already found its place in town.

The event, which included 17 teams, aimed to raise funds and awareness for three area non-profits that provide shelter for the homeless.

Regardless of how people finished, contestants and spectators remained in great spirits, and with the enthusiastic flag waving of Mayor Peter Urscheler, the races were a sight to see.

Awards were given for best theme and costumes, most funds raised and, of course, fastest bed.

In the end, Team Sandlot came out on top as the first place winner in the races.

The executive director of Ann’s Heart plans to have the bed races again, so be on the lookout for them next year!

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