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PMYC Football

The inaugural season of Flag Football is at the mid-way point and the games are heating up!

Held at Charlestown park in Phoenixville, PMYC flag football is a free to play, co-ed league. With over 250 sign-ups, 20 teams are ordered in divisions separated by grades k-12, to keep the league competitive and balanced.

With all games played on Friday nights under the lights, there’s plenty of chances to see the action. From pass to run plays, the players have plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills to friends and family.

While the games can get competitive, the underlying mission of the league remains intact: to have fun.

Games run through the end of October, with Championship games being held on November 9th for grades 3-12.

Regardless of the results, PMYC Flag Football is a great community league that’s here to stay.

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