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Le Buzz Ribbon Cutting

A new hair salon has opened up in town, and people are already buzzing about it. After convincing the former owner to sell, Johnvir Dela Cruz or “Vir” was able to take this space in Phoenixville and rejuvenate it, making it his own. 27 Main Street, formerly known as Valor Mens Grooming, was where Vir worked as a stylist. From that came Le Buzz, a hair salon with a lean toward male clientele, which was welcomed into town on Friday. Much like the phoenix, he wanted to rise from the ashes, and make something good out of a bad situation. Vir states, “I think Phoenixville representing death, and rebirth or redemption, it was really cool to have myself also end up in the same space as where I basically lost my job, and, you know sharing that with the town of Phoenixville made me, who was an outsider, really feel connected to town.” Le Buzz offers a friendly environment, a skilled staff, and a ton of beauty, skin, and hair care products you can choose from. Located across the street from Brown’s Cow Ice Cream, Le Buzz is in a great spot, right in the middle of town. Will you be their next client?

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