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Phoenixville Showcase: Philly Home & Garden Show

On Friday, February 16th, over a dozen Phoenixville-based businesses were featured at the Philadelphia home and garden show to showcase what Phoenixville has to offer. From 4-8pm, the Phoenixville Friday showcase was held to feature businesses associated with the Phoenixville area business association, or PABA, in an attempt to give a much-deserved spotlight on the variety of goods and services that Phoenixville has to offer. The energy of Phoenixville could be felt at the showcase. An energy that has attracted, but also perplexes the Conshohocken Brewing Company. As the excitement of the town grows, so does its artistic expression, an energy that the Diving Cat studio has seen for a decade. The businesses who have been in Phoenixville since before it’s resurgence are seeing a lot of positive traffic coming into the area. From the looks of things, Phoenixville seems eager to grow and continue to bring more and more people into the area, benefiting all the businesses, and ultimately, the community at large.

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