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The Colonial Theatre Was Issued This Challenge

The Colonial Theatre reopened its doors in May of 2017 after some expansion and renovation, and so far, the community has been nothing but supportive. In fact, an anonymous contributor has offered the newly established Association for the Colonial Theatre (or A-C-T) a matching grant challenge. If the Colonial can raise $100,000 by May 31st, the couple will donate a grant of the same amount.

All the proceeds will go to the “Bank on the Arts” building campaign, which is the estimated 8-million-dollar project put in place to fund the 2017 renovations, and they’re continuing to look for support and growth. President of the A-C-T Marian Moskowitz said this in response to the grant challenge, “After just nine months of operation, A-C-T’s expansion is showing some of the anticipated growth in film attendance, concessions revenues, and new memberships. This 100,000$ challenge grant is an invitation to donors and business leaders to invest in a demonstrated success.”

To donate, contact the theatres business office!

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