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Advertising/Sponsorship Opportunities

Voxipop Offers Many Affordable Options To Market Your Company, Event or Service To A Hyper Local Target Audience
Our targeted Voxipop platform is rapidly growing! We've had an astounding 423,851 views of our video content in the first 6 months of 2018. It's time to jump on board and get noticed. Affordable marketing strategies are unlike any you may have tried before. Attach your brand to our content and watch it grow!
Local Targeting
  • Voxipop reaches over 28,000 of residents in the Greater Phoenixville Area on a monthly basis.

  • 93% of visitors of are from the Greater Phoenixville Area.

  • Build name recognition through repeated exposure.

  • Creates a bond between your business and the community.

  • Our content reflects the unique personality and values of the community we serve. This means that your business can bond with the community at a "grassroots" level while being able to use the power of digital media to acknowledge your support for the community.


Unique Ways To Market Your Business
  • Daily Stories

    • Our daily stories are about people, places, businesses, arts, sports and other topics within the Greater Phoenixville Area. Our stories are short form video that highlights the area in a positive and knowledgeable angle.​

  • Original Content Sponsor

Let Voxipop tailor a sponsorship package that meets both your marketing goals and your budget.
Contact our sales team below or at 610 407 0776

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