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Timeless Tales of Phoenixville- Phoenixville Hospital

Phoenixville Hospital has been part of the community for over 125 years and most people that have been raised in the area have been there at least once for medical treatment. Its beginnings go back to 1893 when there was an immediate need for a local hospital to treat work-place injuries from the Phoenix Iron Company, which had developed a reputation for its high accident rate and difficulties in transporting the injured to Philadelphia via train. There was a building on Mill Street which housed the fraternal organization known as the Knight of the Golden Eagle that would become equipped and staffed to be the kickstart of the Phoenixville Hospital. This would be the location until a brand-new hospital was built and opened in 1900 at the present-day location on Nutt Road with the ability to house 40 beds and then in 1910 an additional wing was added. This 1900 building was torn down when the present-day building was built.

Phoenixville Hospital is now a 144-bed facility with a cardiovascular program, a fully accredited cancer center, and the area's largest Robotic Surgery Center. They provide comprehensive medical services through approximately 25,000 emergency room visits, 8,200 inpatient admissions, and more than 500 community outreach programs annually including working with Voxipop and the Historical Society. Most importantly, yours truly was born there not that long ago!


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