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Timeless Tales of Phoenixville - Car Dealerships & Garages

Phoenixville has a long history of car dealerships and garages, dating back to when cars were first being sold to the general public. That tradition remains alive and well with Videon Chevrolet of Phoenixville. However, this story begins with Unger Chevrolet, an automotive pioneer which opened in 1922.

The dealership operated at the original location until 1948 when it was inherited by Unger’s son, Richard, after he served in WW2 and graduated Swarthmore College. The dealership then moved out to its current location at 600 Nutt Road, where Videon is still selling cars today.

Mr. Unger operated the business for a long time and was very involved in the community, serving as President of the Chamber of Commerce and was on the board of the YMCA.

In 1986, NFL Hall of Fame player Reggie White visited the dealership and met with fans, which the dealership was known to do. He sold the business in 1988, and then it became Kelly Chevrolet, which is operated as until it was sold to Videon in 2018. Videon Chevrolet has also been a household name in Newtown Square since 1954.

Videon has continued the legacy of business and community involvement. They have sponsored many events in Phoenixville, including the Dogwood Parade and our very own Voxipop!


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