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Gun Violence Awareness Event

Numerous religious organizations are coming together to combat a deadly issue in the United States.

The Phoenixville Clergy Association, Interfaith communities, and Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence will come together for a Gun Violence Awareness Event on Sun., Nov. 4th.

The event starts at 4pm at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church with a worship service, walking to neighboring churches, and then stopping at First United Methodist Church, where a remembrance service at the “Memorial to the Lost” t-shirt display will take place on the front lawn.

People are encouraged to bring a sign with their message about gun violence.

Finally, the event wraps up with an opportunity for community members to write to their state legislator about recently introduced laws.

The event will have community fellowship and refreshments throughout.

For more information, contact Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence.

All are welcome to come and make their voices heard for public safety.

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