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2018 Phantom Phestival Of Bands

On Saturday, October 27, the Phoenixville Marching Phantom Band will be hosting a day-long cavalcade marching band competition at Washington Field at the high school. This event—called “2018 Phantom Phestival of Bands”—brings thousands of students, parents and community members to Phoenixville from 16 high schools competing that day. The Temple University Marching Band will also attend—making this a spectacular show lasting almost 8 hours! Bands will arrive, practice, perform, view other bands and the evening will culminate with an awards ceremony, featuring all of the bands in the stadium at once. The judging process is managed by the Cavalcade of Bands Program and is very rigorous with multiple mobile and stationery judges. There will be wonderful food and gift vendors. The awards ceremony will feature many Phoenixville School District Administrators as well as Mayor Peter Urscheler. We also have many sponsor and advertising opportunities. Expected attendees is upward of 2500 people.

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