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Mary Foote Farewell Ceremony

There’s been a new changing of the guard at the Colonial Theatre, and stepping down is a woman who has done much for the arts in Phoenixville. Mary Foote, the Executive Director of the Colonial, who was an integral part of bringing the non-profit theatre back to its former glory, has stepped down from her position after 20 years and a lifetime of experiences. Last week was her farewell ceremony, where guests got to see her off as she moves on to other endeavors. Voxipop sat down with Mary and she told us one of her favorite memories from the job. During the ceremony, Mary was given a certificate from Senator Andy Dinniman and State Representative Warren Kampf, along with other gifts that show the community’s affection for her. During the tearful event, Mary thanked everyone she previously worked with along the way and assured everyone the future of the colonial theatre is in good hands. Even though she’s leaving, Mary intends to remain a part of Phoenixville’s vibrant art community!

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