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Camp Unforgettable Talent Show 2018

Phoenixville’s Camp Unforgettable put on its end of the season talent show, showcasing some of their best and brightest! Camp Unforgettable, a local summer camp held at Barkley Elementary, has been putting on a talent show for the past few years, to let the young campers display their abilities in a room full of family, friends, and loved ones. Talents ranged from dancing, to hula hoop routines, and even animal calls. Alyssa Boswell, a judge for the show and previous director of Camp Unforgettable, had a great time watching the performances, and was happy to see the camp is still going strong! The acts finishing in the top three were a dance trio, a girl performing an original rap, and the winner, a fan favorite singing “one call away” by Charlie Puth. Congratulations to everyone who had the confidence to get up on stage! We’re sure their experience was Unforgettable!

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