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Firebird Theatre Presents: Disney's Beauty and the Beast

I hope you’re ready for a show, cause this local theatre is ready to perform! Founded in 2010, Firebird Theatre is a non-profit dedicated to showcasing the talents of young performers, from ages ranging from elementary school to college. They perform a slew of shows during the summer months, and they have already done productions of Winnie the Pooh and The Addams Family. The current show is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, a classic tale about a girl named Belle and her relationship with a cursed man and his enchanted servants.

The showtimes are: Friday, August 27: 7- 10pm Saturday, August 28: 1pm - 4-m & 7pm - 10pm

The choreographer of the show Caitlyn Colgan is happy to see so many kids excited about theatre and is eager to present the final product. The Firebird Theatre’s future shows are Curtains: Young @ Part, and Pirates Past Noon: Kids. Check out for show times, ticket information, and any other activities they might be involved with.

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