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The Blob Trivia

It’s July, so that means it’s time for Blobfest, Phoenixville’s annual celebration of the 1958 cult classic. To help you get ready for all things blob, we compiled some trivia about the movie, facts that will surely make you go “hmmm?”

The film was originally titled as “the Glob” but was changed when it was discovered that Cartoonist Walt Kelly had already used the title.

As the Blob claims its victims, it turns red. The look and feel of the blob was created with a mixture of silicone and red dye. The “Blob” has never dried out and is still kept in its original five-gallon bucket. It’s owned by Phoenixville resident and movie memorabilia enthusiast Wes Shank.

Steve McQueen, the lead actor, was offered a salary of $2,500 for film, or 10% of profits. As the film was projected to not be a success, McQueen took the salary. Unfortunately for McQueen, the film ended up grossing over $4 Million. The success of the film and star making role seemingly never left McQueen, as a poster of the film was reportedly on his bedroom wall at the time of his death in 1980.

Do you see modern Phoenixville in the film? Besides the Colonial Theatre, Barkley Middle School is also seen, as it’s the building where the fire extinguishers are obtained. While the Downingtown diner is featured prominently in the film and is the location that the blob consumes, its not down street from the Colonial theatre, as its stated in the movie. In reality, the Downingtown Diner is located 11 miles from the Colonial Theatre. And is still in operation to this day.

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