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Community Connections

A new program has recently started up in the Phoenixville area, and it aims to help those in need. This spot is brought to you by Community connections, a program designed to help older adults. A free service, Community Connections strives to help older individuals age in place, and safely remain in their home. While the program is free, its available to only individuals who reside in Chester County and some bordering townships in Montgomery County. With Community connections, a caring and dedicated staff member can help you apply for public benefits such as food stamps, disability, and Medicaid. Our trusted care member can also help to see if you are eligible for meals on wheels, public transportation, and veteran’s benefits. A referral for a caregiver or other health related services may also be made, if needed, which includes a nurse who is available to visit and talk about medical concerns or diagnoses. Interested, or know somebody who may benefit from this program? Please contact Rachel at 610-698-7259.

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