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Bistro on Bridge Just Added Something Exciting To Their New Space!

Bistro on Bridge, a local brewery, just added something new to their space, and it’s definitely a blast from the past!

Formerly a one level bar and eatery, Bistro on Bridge was able to start a renovation project that included not only a complete redesign, but an addition of a second floor. Club 212 was previously in that space until they closed down to make way for this ambitious project. The president of Bistro on Bridge is excited about the expansion, but also about its new psychedelic centerpiece.

Zach Hoffman states, “Our interior designers thought it’d be a great idea to add a different element to our outdoor beer garden, so they came up with the idea of craning in a 73’ VW Bus, and we’ve converted it into a outdoor bar. The top lifts up and the front comes down and from there were able to serve canned beer out here.”

Bistro on Bridge offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, including a number of signature craft beers. They also flaunt an inventive menu with an energetic nightlife, and on the verge of re-opening, they’re certainly a place to be on the lookout for!

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