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Carah Medical Arts Ribbon Cutting

Carah Medical Arts is a non-profit practice that relies on an unconventional type of cooperation from the community in order to thrive. Carah wants to add to the growing community of direct primary care providers, who want to offer affordable health care, while at the same time making you feel like a person and not just a patient. Initially opening in November of 2017 at Eland Downe, they decided to upgrade to a larger building and remain optimistic about becoming a mainstay in the community. They have a type of nurturing care that they’re trying to share with our community, and even their name, when translated, still carries that same spirit. The type of care they provide is called anthroposophic medicine, which takes into account the physical, functional, soul, and spiritual aspects of our being. It integrates the accomplishments of conventional medicine with lifestyle adjustments, self-empowerment, natural remedies, and innovative therapies.

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